Butterfly Garden by Mike MacDonald


[Skipper picture] Skippers are small butterflies that lay eggs on grasses, especially timothy. They nectar on a variety of flowers including Agastache, Yarrow, Marigold, and clover. They have a moth-like body but are true butterflies. Moth antennae are feather like while butterflies have small hooks or knobs on theirs.

Butterfly Plants
Agastache | Aster | Borage | Calendula
Centaurea | Cosmos | Echinacea | Hesperis
Lupine | Marigold | Mexican Sunflower | Parsley
Red Clover | Violet | White Clover | Yarrow

The Butterflies
Black Swallowtail | Cabbage White | Monarch
Mourning Cloak | Red Admiral | Silver Skipper | Silvery Blue
Skipper | Sulphur | Tawny Crescent | Tiger Swallowtail | Vanessa | White Admiral

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