Butterfly Garden by Mike MacDonald


[Agastache picture] Agastache foeniculum, or licorice mint, is a perennial that supplies nectar for Skippers and other butterflies. The Cree, Cheyenne and Lakota used it as medicine. It grows from 60–120 cm high with edible flowers. This is one of the few mints that is not invasive. The white form matures two weeks later than the blue but has a more subtle flavour for tea and salads.

Butterfly Plants
Agastache | Aster | Borage | Calendula
Centaurea | Cosmos | Echinacea | Hesperis
Lupine | Marigold | Mexican Sunflower | Parsley
Red Clover | Violet | White Clover | Yarrow

The Butterflies
Black Swallowtail | Cabbage White | Monarch
Mourning Cloak | Red Admiral | Silver Skipper | Silvery Blue
Skipper | Sulphur | Tawny Crescent | Tiger Swallowtail | Vanessa | White Admiral

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