Butterfly Garden by Mike MacDonald

About the Butterfly Garden

I first met Mike MacDonald online, while preparing web pages for “Breaking Borders,” an exhibition at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. I put together a simple grid of images from Mike’s photography and video.

The Butterfly Garden was the only web-based work on our site at the time, and I felt it needed a more substantial treatment. Mike and I worked together starting while he was in residence during Breaking Borders, then continued during the following months via email correspondence.

The original Butterfly Garden was finished in May 1998. After almost four years, Mike’s gem of a web site still stands proudly.

I hope you enjoy the Butterfly Garden.

Michael Zajac
April 2002

[Wide view of the Butterfly Garden at St. Norbert]

Michael Zajac

Text, photography and video by Mike MacDonald
Graphics and code by Michael Zajac

Butterfly Plants
Agastache | Aster | Borage | Calendula
Centaurea | Cosmos | Echinacea | Hesperis
Lupine | Marigold | Mexican Sunflower | Parsley
Red Clover | Violet | White Clover | Yarrow

The Butterflies
Black Swallowtail | Cabbage White | Monarch
Mourning Cloak | Red Admiral | Silver Skipper | Silvery Blue
Skipper | Sulphur | Tawny Crescent | Tiger Swallowtail | Vanessa | White Admiral

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